Personal Information Collection Statements ("PICS")


Your Privacy


The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (the “University”) respects the personal data privacy of all individuals and pledges to be in compliance with the requirements of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance of Hong Kong (“PDPO”) so that the privacy of your personal data is protected in accordance with the standard required by law. In doing so, we require all our staff and agents to comply with the PDPO in the same manner as the PDPO applies to the University as a whole and adhere to the strictest standards of security and confidentiality.


Personal data” means any personally identifying information or sensitive data from which it is practicable for the identity of an individual to be ascertained, such as: name, age, gender, photo image, address, contact details, HKID card or passport/entry permit numbers, education background, academic, assessment and performance records, and co-curricular data.


This PICS is provided by the University for the purposes of complying with the notification requirements under the PDPO when collecting personal data. It should be read in conjunction with the University’s Data Privacy Policy Statement (“PPS”). A copy of which is available at this link:


Please read this PICS and the PPS carefully to understand the policy and practices of the University regarding how your personal data will be treated.


This PICS may from time to time be revised, or otherwise changed as the University deems necessary but the University will endeavor to give you advance notice of any such revision or change where practicable.


Purposes for which your Personal Data will be used


We may use your personal data for one or more of the following purposes.


Disclosure and Transfer of Personal Data

Personal data held by the co-organizers shall be kept confidential but the co-organizers may provide or transfer the personal data to (i) any member of the co-organizers’ group, any agent, contractor, insurer or third party who provides arrangements and administrative support for the competition, competition promotion and research, data processing or other services to any member of the co-organizers’ group who has a duty of confidentiality to the same, or (ii) any other person to whom the co-organizers are under an obligation to make disclosure under the requirements of the law binding on the co-organizers for the purposes of any guidelines issued by regulatory or other authorities with which the co-organizers are expected to comply, or (iii) any person under a duty of confidentiality to the co-organizers (including the accountants, legal advisors or other professional advisors).


The co-organizers may transfer the participants’ personal data to the above parties outside Hong Kong for the purposes mentioned above.




We will take appropriate steps to protect the personal data held by it against unauthorized or accidental access, use, loss, processing, erasure, transmission, modification or disclosure. When we need to disclose, transfer or assign personal data to outside third-parties, we will take appropriate steps to protect the privacy of the personal data to be disclosed, transferred or assigned (for example, requiring third-party service providers to keep confidential any personal data with which it comes into contact).


The personal data you have provided, however stored, will only be accessed by those who are authorized to do so. Staff members, agents, contractors and third-party service providers designated to handle personal data will be instructed to do so only in accordance with this PICS.


Retention of Personal Data


We will keep your personal data only for as long as necessary to fulfil the purposes for which the personal data was collected or a directly related purpose.


Personal data which is no longer required will be destroyed.




Requests/enquiries may include:


(i)       Requests for access to or correction of personal data;


(ii)      Enquiries about the kinds of personal data held;


(iii)     Requests for information regarding the policies and practices with respect to personal data; and


(iv)     General questions or complaints regarding personal data.


We can be contacted as follows:


The Executive Committee of HLMA

Department of Mathematics

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Clear Water Bay

Kowloon, Hong Kong




Please mark all communications “Confidential”.


Changes to our privacy policy


Future updates of our privacy policy will be posted on this page.


(Last updated on: 5 January, 2021)