Huailiang Chang


Academic Experience


Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, 2015-present

Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, 2009-2015

Postdoctor in mathematical physics, International School for Advanced Studies, SISSA, Italy, 2007-2009 




Ph.D. in Mathematics, Department of Mathematics, Stanford University, 2007 


B.S. in Mathematics National Cheng Kung University, 2001 


Research Interest


Algebraic Geometry and String theory  


Research Articles

[NMSP3] H.L. Chang, S. Guo, J. Li, BCOV’s Feynman rule of quintic 3-folds via NMSP,  arXiv:1810.00394

[NMSP2] H.L. Chang, S. Guo, J. Li, Polynomial structure of Gromov-Witten potential of quintic 3folds via NMSP,  arXiv:1809,11058

[NMSP1] H.L. Chang, S. Guo, J. Li, W.-P. Li, The theory of N-Mixed-Spin-P fields,  to appear on Geom. Topol.,  arXiv:1809,08806

[MSP3]    H.L. Chang and J. Li, A vanishing associated with irregular MSP fields, to appear on IMRN, arXiv:1708.02902


[MSP2]    H.L. Chang, J. Li, W.-P. Li, C.-C. Melissa Liu, An effective theory of GW and FJRW invariants of quintics Calabi-Yau manifold, to appear on JDG, arXiv:1603.06184  

[MSP1]    H.L. Chang, J. Li, W.-P. Li, C.-C. Melissa Liu, Mixed-Spin-P fields of Fermat quintic polynomials, Cambridge Journal of Mathematics, (2019), Vol 7, No 3, 319-364, arXiv:1505.07532 

H.L. Chang, S. Guo, W.-P. Li, J. Zhou, Genus one GW invariants of quintic threefold via MSP localization, IMRN, 08 (2018), rny201,  arXiv:1711.10118 

H.L. Chang, J. Li, W.-P. Li, C.-C. Melissa Liu, On the mathematics and physics of Mixed Spin P-fields, Proceedings of Symposia in Pure Mathematics, Vol 96, 2017 (a more physics-friendly survey of MSP),  arXiv:1907.06152 


H.L. Chang, J. Li, W.-P. Li, C.-C. Melissa Liu, A survey on mixed spin P-fields, Chinese Annals of Mathematics, Series B Vol 38(2017), Issue 4, p 869-882, arXiv:1603.02092 

H.L. Chang and M.-L. Li, Invariants of stable quasimaps with fields, Trans. Amer. Math. Soc., Vol 373, No. 5, May (2020), p 3669-3691, arXiv:1804.05310

H.L. Chang and M.-L. Li, Virtual Residue and an integral formalism, The Journal of Geometric Analysis, Jan (2019), Vol 29, Issue 1, p83-104,  arXiv:1508.02769 


H.L. Chang, Y.H. Kiem and J. Li, Torus localization formulas for cosection localized virtual cycles, Adv. Math. 308 (2017) 964-986, arXiv:1502.00078

H.L. Chang and J. Li,  An algebraic proof of the hyperplane property of the genus one GW-invariants of quintics, J. Differential Geom. 100(2015), No. 2, p 251-299, arXiv:1206.5390 


H.L. Chang, J. Li and W.-P. Li, Witten's top Chern class via cosection localization, Inventiones mathematicae 200(2015), p 1015-1063, arXiv:1303.7126 


H.L. Chang and Y.-H. Kiem,  Poincare invariants are Seiberg-Witten invariants, Geom. Topol., 17(2013), p 1149-1163, arXiv:1205.0848 


H.L. Chang and J. Li , Gromov-Witten invariants of stable maps with fields,  IMRN. 18(2012), p 4163-4217, arXiv:1101.0914 


H.L. Chang and J. Li, Semi-Perfect Obstruction theory and DT Invariants of Derived Objects, Communications in Analysis and Geometry 19(2011),  No. 4,  p 807-830, arXiv:1105.3261 


H.L. Chang, Derived Kodaira Spencer map, Cosection lemma, and semiregularity, arXiv:0808.0988 


H.L. Chang,  A vanishing result for Donaldson Thomas invariants of P1 scroll, Acta Math. Sin., English Series 30(2014), Issue 12, p 2079-2084  (Ph.D thesis)  arXiv:0711.4529. 


J.Z. Jeng, Y.Y. Huang and H.L. Chang, Characterization of maps having the KKM property, Soochow J. Math. 28 (2002), No. 3, 329-338. 


Teaching in 2021 spring


Honor Linear Algebra—Math 3131  



Department of Mathematics

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Clear Water Bay, Kowloon, Hong Kong


Office: Room 3490, Lift 25-26, Academic Building

Phone: +852 2358 7454  Fax: +852 2358 1643