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Name / Contact Title / Interests / Course
BAO, Zhigang  (PhD Zhejiang Univ)
  Room 3429   Tel: 23587416
鮑志剛 Associate Professor
Probability Theory; Statistical Physics; High-dimensional Statistics
CAI, Jian-Feng  (PhD Chinese Univ of Hong Kong)
  Room 3436   Tel: 3469 2248
蔡劍鋒 Professor
Theoretical and algorithmic foundations of problems related to information, data, and signals, with applications to inverse problems, signal processing, and machine learning.
   MATH2111 MATH4992 MATH6914D
CHANG, Huai-Liang  (PhD Stanford)
  Room 3490   Tel: 23587454
張懷良 Professor
Algebraic Geometry and String Theory
CHASNOV, Jeffrey R  (PhD Columbia)
  Room 3456   Tel: 23587448
齊士樂 Professor
Scientific computation
   MATH2350 MATH4992
CHEN, Beifang  (PhD State Univ of New York, Buffalo)
  Room 3438   Tel: 23587449
陳北方 Professor
Combinatorics; graph theory; topology/geometry
   MAED5321 MATH3343
CHEN, Kani  (PhD Columbia)
  Room 3426   Tel: 23587425
陳卡你 Professor/Director of Master of Science in Financial Mathematics (MAFM) Program
Survival analysis; sequential analysis; boot-strapping; empirical process; stochastic modeling; missing data and EM algorithm
CHIANG, Yik-Man  (PhD London)
  Room 3481   Tel: 23587441
蔣翼邁 Professor
Complex function theory; ordinary differential equations in the complex plane; orthogonal polynomials; difference equations
DENG, Shuo-Qing  (PhD Paris Dauphine-PSL University)
  Room 3485   Tel: 23587423
鄧碩青 Assistant Professor
Applied Probability; Financial Mathematics; Stochastic Optimal Control
FONG, Tsz Ho  (PhD Stanford)
  Room 3488   Tel: 3469 2243
方子豪 Associate Professor/UG Programs Coordinator
Differential Geometry, Geometric Analysis, Geometric Flows, Complex Geometry
   MATH1013 MATH3043
FU, Lin  (PhD Technical University of Munich)
  Room 2606A   Tel: 3469 2969
傅 林 Assistant Professor
Turbulence, transitional flows, multi-phase flows, and aerodynamics, Numerical methods for solving PDEs, applied mathematics for scientific computing, and technologies for high-performance computing
FUNG, Jimmy Chi-Hung  (PhD Cambridge)
  Room 3452   Tel: 23587419
馮志雄 Chair Professor/Director of Master of Science in Mathematics for Educators (MAED) Program
Atmospheric science and weather prediction; Regional climate change and variability; Multi-scale air quality modeling; Computational fluid dynamics, Environmental sustainability
GAN, Jian-Ping  (PhD McGill)
  Room 3451   Tel: 23587421
甘劍平 Chair Professor
Ocean circulation and ecosystem modeling; ocean dynamics and coastal oceanography
GUO, Xin-Zhou  (PhD University of Michigan)
  Room 3433   Tel: 23587436
郭心舟 Assistant Professor
Subgroup analysis; Resampling methods; Precision medicine; Regulatory science
HO, Quoc  (PhD University of Chicago)
  Room 3491   Tel: 23587450
Assistant Professor
Representation Theory; Algebraic Geometry; Hecke Algebras and Quantum Groups; Topology
HU, Ji-Shan  (PhD Princeton)
  Room 3447   Tel: 23587434
胡繼善 Professor
Applied analysis; integrable systems
   MATH1012 MATH4992
HU, Yu  (PhD Univ of Washington)
  Room 3443   Tel: 23587415
胡 禹 Assistant Professor
Theoretical and computational neuroscience; graph motifs and network dynamics; modeling and analysis for large scale neuroscience data
   MATH2411 MATH4992
IP, Ivan Chi-Ho  (PhD Yale)
  Room 3483   Tel: 23587431
葉智皓 Associate Professor
Representation Theory, Quantum Groups, Cluster Algebra, Integrable Systems
JIN, Tianling  (PhD Rutgers)
  Room 3470   Tel: 23587417
金天灵 Associate Professor/PG Programs Coordinator
Analysis, Partial differential equations, Differential geometry
   MATH4063 MATH6771 MATH6900A MATH6900B MATH6900C MATH6900D
KWOK, Yue-Kuen  (PhD Brown)
  Room 3445   Tel: 23587418
郭宇權 Professor
Financial mathematics; derivatives pricing and credit risk modeling
   MAFS5030 MATH6510C
LEUNG, Shing-Yu  (PhD Univ of California, Los Angeles)
  Room 3431   Tel: 23587414
梁承裕 Professor
Numerical methods for partial differential equations and scientific computing
   MAED5851 MATH3900 MATH4992 MATH4999 MATH6914C
LI, Kin-Yin  (PhD Univ of California, Berkeley)
  Room 3471   Tel: 23587420
李健賢 Associate Professor
Complex function theory; Hilbert space operator theory; functional analysis
   MATH3033 MATH4999
LI, Wei-Ping  (PhD Columbia)
  Room 3444   Tel: 23587432
李衛平 Chair Professor
Algebraic geometry
   MATH4223 MATH5251
LING, Shi-Qing  (PhD Univ of Hong Kong)
  Room 3460   Tel: 23587459
凌仕卿 Chair Professor
Large sample theory; empirical processes; nonstationary time series; nonlinear time series; long memory time series; econometrics
   MATH4423 MSBD5006
  Room 3492   Tel: 3469 2245
Associate Professor
Representation theory, algebraic combinatorics
MENG, Guo-Wu  (PhD Brown)
  Room 3484   Tel: 23587451
孟國武 Professor
Physics-inspired mathematics
   MATH5111 MATH6250K
MU, Mo  (PhD Academia Sinica)
  Room 3457   Tel: 23587446
穆 默 Professor/Director of Data Science and Technology (DSCT) Program
Network Computing; Parallel Computing; Scientific Simulation; Numerical Software; Numerical Solution to PDEs, Data Science
   MATH2351 MATH3312
QIAN, Tie-Zheng  (PhD CAS Beijing)
  Room 3437   Tel: 23587443
錢鐵錚 Associate Head/Professor
Molecular and continuum simulations of complex fluids; multiscale modeling and simulations; statstical physics
   MATH2011 MATH4992
SONG, Yangqiu  (PhD Tsinghua University)
  Room 3508   Tel: 23586987
宋陽秋 Assistant Professor
Knowledge graph, text mining, information extraction, machine learning
UHLMANN, Gunther  (PhD Massachusetts Inst of Tech)
  IAS 4010   Tel: 3469 2460
IAS Si Yuan Professor/Chair Professor
Inverse Problems and Imaging, Partial Differential Equations, Microlocal Analysis, Scattering Theory
WANG, Ke  (PhD Rutgers University)
  Room 3434   Tel: 3469 2016
Assistant Professor
Probabilistic combinatorics; Random structures; Random matrix theory and its applications
   MATH1013 MATH4999
WANG, Xiao-Ping  (PhD New York)
  Room 3458   Tel: 23587437
王筱平 Chair Professor
Applied and computational mathematics; nonlinear partial differential equations
   MATH4992 MATH5311
WANG, Yang  (PhD Harvard)
  Room 3422   Tel: 23587424
汪 揚 Chair Professor
Wavelets and analysis, tiling, fractal geometry, digital signal processing, analog to digital conversion, supply chain management
WU, Li-Xin  (PhD Univ of California, Los Angeles)
  Room 3427   Tel: 23587435
吳立昕 Professor/Associate Director of Master of Science in Financial Mathematics (MAFM) Program
Numerical analysis; computational fluid dynamics; finance mathematics
   MATH2111 MATH4511
XIA, Dong  (PhD Georgia Institute of Technology)
  Room 3477   Tel: 3469 2244
夏 冬 Assistant Professor
Statistical machine learning, high dimensional statistics, optimization and computational algorithms.
XIANG, Yang  (PhD New York)
  Room 3425   Tel: 23587430
項 陽 Professor
Mathematical Modeling and Simulation in Materials Science; Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing; Image Processing
   MATH4052 MATH4992 MATH5351
XIONG, Mao-Sheng  (Univ of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)
  Room 3476   Tel: 23587456
熊茂勝 Associate Professor
Number theory, coding theory, information theory.
   MATH1013 MATH4141
XU, Kun  (PhD Columbia)
  Room 3462   Tel: 23587412
徐 昆 Head/Chair Professor
Computational fluid dynamics; gas kinetic schemes; rarefied gas; heat transfer
   MATH4992 MATH5350 MATH6914A MATH6915 MATH6915A MATH6916
YAN, Min  (PhD Chicago)
  Room 3487   Tel: 23587442
嚴 民 Professor
Integrable systems; Hopf algebra; geometric topology; combinatorics
   MATH2001 MATH2131
  Room 3482   Tel: 23587462
楊 燦 Associate Professor
Data Science with Statistical Machine Learning; Computer Age Statistical Inference; Empirical Bayes and Scalable algorithm; Statistical Genetics and Genomics
   MATH4432 MATH5472
YAO, Yuan  (PhD University of California at Berkeley)
  Room 3430   Tel: 23587461
姚 遠 Professor
Topological & geometric methods in data analysis, statistical machine learning, applications in computer and life sciences
ZHANG, Hai  (PhD Michigan State)
  Room 3449   Tel: 23587439
張 海 Associate Professor
Applied Math, Inverse Problems, Wave Propagation, Imaging, Super-resolution.
   MATH2033 MATH4992 MATH5285
ZHANG, Jiheng  (PhD Georgia Institute of Technology)
  Room 5581   Tel: 23588627
張季恆 Professor
Applied Probability, Stochastic Modeling and Optimization, Data Analysis, Numerical Methods and Algorithms, With applications in Service Operations Management, Large Communication Networks, Healthcare
ZHANG, Tong   (PhD Stanford University)
  Room 3455   Tel: 3469 2681
張 潼 Chair Professor
Machine Learning algorithms and theory, Statistical Methods for Big Data and their applications
ZHU, Yong-Chang  (PhD Yale)
  Room 3459   Tel: 23587447
朱永昌 Professor
Infinite dimensional Lie algebras; algebras and quantum groups; vertex operator algebras; conformal field theory
   MATH3121 MATH5145

BAIN, Thomas 
  Room 3461   Tel: 23587460
Professor of Science Practice
Fixed income securities; Financial markets and institutions; Global banking regulations and policies; Leadership advisory
CHOU, Hong Song  (PhD Harvard University)
  Room 3461   Tel: 23587460
周鸿松 Professor of Science Practice in Financial Mathematics
Mathematical Market Microstructure, Trading Behavior Modeling, Financial Data Processing
DU, Qiang  (PhD Carnegie Mellon)
  Room 3461   Tel: 23587460
杜 強 Adjunct Professor
Applied Mathematics, Scientific Computing
GUO, Yves Zhiyi  (PhD Ecole Centrale Paris)
  Room 3461   Tel: 23587460
郭志毅 Professor of Science Practice
Financial Derivatives Markets; Stochastic Modeling; Structured Products - Design; Pricing and Hedging; Investment Banking
KAY, LH Rose  (MBA University of Chicago)
  Room 3461   Tel: 23587460
Associate Professor of Science Practice in Financial Mathematics
International Equity and Debt Capital Markets, Equity Derivatives, China Financial Markets
LEE, Fai Man Christopher 
  Room 3461   Tel: 23587460
李輝敏 Associate Professor of Science Practice
Financial Markets and Institutions; Structured Products and Solutions
LEI, James ZB  
  Room 3461   Tel: 23587460
雷志斌 Adjunct Professor
Fintech; Blockchain; Artificial Intelligence; Big Data
SHAO, Qiman 
  Room 3461   Tel: 23587460
邵啟滿 Adjunct Professor
Asymptotic theory in probability and statistics; Self-normalized limit theory; Stein method for normal and non-normal approximation; High-dimensional and large scale statistical analysis
SHUM, Chung-Dak  (PhD Univ of California, Los Angeles)
  Room 3461   Tel: 23587460
岑松德 Associate Professor of Science Practice
Computational finance; Financial data modeling; Risk management systems
WONG, Chak Kei Jack  (PhD Oxford University)
  Room 3461   Tel: 23587460
王澤基 Professor of Science Practice
Quantitative and statistical risk analysis; Machine learning and Fintech; Financial data mining; Credit valuation adjustment and funding
ZHANG, James  (PhD in Genetics, University of California Davis)
  Room 3461   Tel: 23587460
Associate Professor of Science Practice
Venture capital and entrepreneurship

CHAN, Kwing-Lam  (PhD Princeton)
  Retired on 30 June 2015  
陳炯林 Professor Emeritus
Planetary and lunar research; computational astrophysics; applied mathematics
CHAN, Tony Fan-Cheong  (PhD Stanford)
  Departed on 30 June 2018  
陳繁昌 Professor Emeritus
Mathematical image processing and computer vision; Very Large-Scale Integration (VLSI) physical design and computational brain mapping
CHENG, Shiu-Yuen  (PhD Berkeley)
  Retired on 30 June 2014  
鄭紹遠 Professor Emeritus
Differential Geometry, Geometric Partial Differential Equations, Game Theory
HSIANG, Wu-Yi  (PhD Princeton)
  Retired on 30 June 2003  
項武義 Professor Emeritus
Differential geometry; transformation group; classical geometry; celestial mechanics; quantum mechanics
HSIEH, Din-Yu  (PhD Caltech)
  Retired on 30 June 1998  
謝定裕 Professor Emeritus
Waves and stability; asymptotic methods; two-phase flows; combustion theory; fluid dynamics; asymptotics
HUANG, Jing-Song  (PhD Massachusetts Inst of Tech)
  Departed on 31 August 2021  
黃勁松 Professor Emeritus
Representation theory; Lie theory; noncommutative harmonic analysis
HUI, Wai-How Grafton  (PhD, DSc Southampton)
  Retired on 30 June 2004  
許為厚 Professor Emeritus
Computational Fluid Dynamics; Aerodynamic Stability Theory of High Speed Flight; Nonlinear Water Wave Theory; Similarity Solutions of Partial Differential Equations
LI, Jian-Shu  (PhD Yale)
  Departed on 1 February 2020  
勵建書 Professor Emeritus
Representation theory; automorphic forms
MOY, Allen  (PhD Chicago)
  Retired on 30 June 2020  
Professor Emeritus
Representation theory; Lie theory
WONG, Man-Yu  (PhD London)
  Retired on 30 June 2021  
黃敏瑜 Professor Emeritus
Error in variables model; statistical inference; generalized linear models; biological and medical statistics
YANG, Chung-Chun  (PhD Wisconsin)
  Retired on 30 June 2008  
楊重駿 Professor
Real and Complex analysis, value distribution and its applications, complex dynamics, p-adic analysis
YU, Kun-Rui  (Dr. rer. nat. Bonn)
  Retired on 30 June 2006  
於坤瑞 Professor Emeritus
Transcendental number theory; Diophantine approximations