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The Programs

The undergraduate programs offered by the Mathematics Department of HKUST are unique among all universities in the territory. We offer three undergraduate programs:

and two minor programs:

BSc in Mathematics (School based JUPAS code: JS5102)

The BSc program in Mathematics is a four-year program that includes seven tracks: Pure Mathematics, Pure Mathematics (Advanced), Applied Mathematics, Statistics & Financial Mathematics, Mathematics & Physics, Computer Science, and General Mathematics Track.

Students in all tracks take three semesters of calculus, linear algebra, two semesters of real analysis, and a capstone project course. Students in both the Pure Mathematics Track and the Pure Mathematics (Advanced) Track are interested mainly in the mathematical content of the subject matter. They will specialize in three areas of study, namely analysis, algebra and number theory, and geometry/topology. They will also study selected subjects in the physical sciences and engineering. Meanwhile the Pure Mathematics (Advanced) Track is specially designed for mathematically gifted students. Students in this track will study an honors sequence of mathematics courses which are at a deeper level compared to students not in this track. The level of these courses are designed for students who might pursue postgraduate studies.

The Applied Mathematics Track emphasizes the application of mathematics, and students are required to master versatile mathematical techniques. Students are also able to take electives in a wide range of applied mathematics topics including financial mathematics, game theory, mathematical biology, image processing, and fluid dynamics.

The Statistics & Financial Mathematics Track is to provide students with statistical and financial mathematics knowledge, helping them to develop problem-solving skills for real-life situations. Students are required to study courses in probability, statistics and stochastic modeling, quantitative methods for fixed income derivatives, mathematical finance and business finance.

The Mathematics and Physics Track is for students who are interested in both mathematics and physics. They are required to take a substantial amount of physics courses in addition to the various mathematics courses taken by students in the other tracks.

Students in the Computer Science Track are required to study courses in both the areas of mathematics and computer science. They can definitely get the best of both worlds for their future prospects because these two areas are closely related and knowledge in each can be mutually beneficial.

The General Mathematics Track (only applicable to students admitted in 2014-15 cohort and after) offers students the greatest flexibility in their choice of mathematics electives. Students are then able to design their own program taking courses from pure and applied mathematics and statistics.


BSc in Data Science and Technology(School based JUPAS code: JS5102 / JS5200)

The BSc program in Data Science and Technology is jointly offered by the School of Science and the School of Engineering. Please visit for more details.

BSc in Mathematics and Economics (Program based JUPAS Code: JS5813)

The BSc program in Mathematics and Economics is jointly offered by the School of Science and the School of Business and Management. Please visit for more details.

Admission & Requirements

For the details of admission and requirements, please click HERE.