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We are happy to announce that Professor Huai-Liang Chang and Professor Wei-Ping Li received two Best Paper Awards in the first annual meeting of International Consortium of Chinese Mathematician (ICCM2017).

Professor Huai-Liang Chang was awarded 若琳 Award (Distinguished Paper Award) for his paper with Y.H. Kiem and J. Li, "Torus localization formulas for cosection localized virtual cycles” published on Adv.Math. in 2017.

Professor Huai-Liang Chang and Professor Wei-Ping Li were awarded Best Paper Award Gold Medal for the paper with J. Li published on Inventiones mathematicae.

About ICCM Best Paper Award
  1. Each year in the annual meeting of ICCM,10 gold awards and 10 silver awards will be given to papers which are authored by Chinese descendants. The committee will also recommend papers published in the last five years of the time when the committee choose them. They are called distinguished papers (若琳奖).
  2. The selection process consists of two rounds. In the first round, there will be 20 subject committees, and in the second round there will be a global committee. The committee members will be appointed by the ICCM scientific committee.
  3. Each proposed paper should be authored by at least one Chinese descendent.
  4. Only papers that are posted on MathSciDoc will be considered. A proposed paper should be published in a respectable journal in the last five years.
  5. In December, gold and silver award candidates will be invited to speak at the annual meeting of ICCM. These two kinds of prizes will only be awarded to candidates who attend the annual meeting. Distinguished paper awardees are welcomed to attend the annual meeting.