Math 2121 (Fall 2018)


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Linear Algebra and its Applications, 5th edition, by D. Lay, S. Lay, and J. McDonald

Other resources

Linear Algebra Done Right by Axler is a great supplementary textbook.

Khan academy has many good instructional videos on linear algebra and other topics.

HKUST professor Jeffrey Chasnov has launched a Coursera course called Matrix Algebra for Engineers which covers some of the same material as our class. The course can be accessed for free online and has many helpful videos, notes, and exercises.

Some students have recommended this YouTube channel dedicated to linear algebra topics.


Grades will be computed as follows:

Midterm examination

Final examination


The following is a tentative course outline:

Lecture notes


Homework will be submitted online using WeBWorK.
Assignments will be due at midnight each Tuesday.