Yue Kuen KWOK

Professor & Program Director of BSc in Mathematics and Economics
Recent published and working papers (since 2012)
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C.F. Ma, W. Xu and Y.K. Kwok

"Willow tree algorithms for pricing VIX derivatives under jump-diffusion dynamics of index and variance process," International Journal of Financial Engineering, vol. 7(1) (2020), 2050005, 28 pages.
Q.Q. Wang and Y.K. Kwok"Real option signaling games of debt financing using equity guarantee swaps under asymmetric information," International Journal of Theoretical and Applied Finance, vol. 23(5) (2020), 2050036, 37 pages.

Z.Z. Huang and Y.K. Kwok
"Efficient risk measures calculations for generalized CreditRisk+ models," Working paper.

Published papers in Financial Mathematics (1997-2011)

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Undergraduate courses
     Capstone project course in Mathematics and Economics (MATH4994)
Fundamentals of mathematical finance (MATH 4512)
     Probability and random process (MATH 246)
     Complex analysis (MATH 304)
     Game Theory (MATH 4321)
     Mathematics and Social Choice Theory (MATH 4823)
     Mathematical Models in Economics and Finance (MATH4824A)
     Quantitative methods for risk management (RMBI 4210)

MSc courses
     Quantitative models of derivative securities (MAFS 5030)
     Computational methods for pricing structured products (MAFS 5250)
     Mathematical models of investment (MAFS 521)
     Quantitative and statistical risk analysis (MAFS 5220)
     Advanced credit risk models (MAFS523)
     Structured products and exotic options (FINA 556)
     Risk Management

Postgraduate courses
     Mathematical models of financial derivatives (MATH 571)
     Mathematical models of financial derivatives (MATH 5510)
     Advanced Topics in Derivative Pricing Models (MATH6380)
     Credit risk: Models, pricing and implementation (MATH 685R)
     Mathematical models in financial economics (MATH 685Z)
     Dynamic credit models and portfolio risk analysis
     Interest Rate Theory and Credit Risk

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Research Interests:

Financial mathematics; Derivatives pricing theory; Credit risk theory

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