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In 1994, the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) was held in Hong Kong. In January of that year, we began to post a math newsletter called Mathematical Excalibur on our department webpage. You can find all the issues up to now in the box below. In each issue, you can find a math olympiad paper, an article or two on math olympiad topics and a problem corner. Over the years, we received many contributions from readers all over the world. Many readers submitted brilliant solutions to the problem corner. We thank each of them whole-heartedly.

Other than Math Excalibur, we also started an undergraduate math competition open to all undergraduates of our university. For more details, click . The winners were high-achievers who often have taken our advanced stream courses. Each year a number of them participate in exchange program (see the webpage ) and go on to top graduate programs oversea (see the lower part of the webpage ). Many of them received big scholarships and graduated with the highest academic honour. For our university, our medium of instruction is English and we are very international with students from all over the world. You can click to know more about our math department and click to know more about our university.

Our School of Science is offering scholarship for IMO/APMO medalists. Please see the link


Vol.8 No.2 Vol.8 No.3 Vol.8 No.4 (*) Vol.8 No.5
Vol.9 No.1 Vol.9 No.2 Vol.9 No.3 Vol.9 No.4 Vol.9 No.5
Vol.10 No.1 Vol.10 No.2 Vol.10 No.3 Vol.10 No.4 Vol.10 No.5
Vol.11 No.1 Vol.11 No.2 Vol.11 No.3 Vol.11 No.4 Vol.11 No.5
Vol.12 No.1 Vol.12 No.2 Vol.12 No.3 Vol.12 No.4 Vol.12 No.5
Vol.13 No.1 Vol.13 No.2 Vol.13 No.3 Vol.13 No.4 Vol.13 No.5
Vol.14 No.1 Vol.14 No.2 Vol.14 No.3 Vol.14 No.4 Vol.14 No.5
Vol.15 No.1 Vol.15 No.2 Vol.15 No.3 Vol.15 No.4 Vol.15 No.5
Vol.16 No.1 Vol.16 No.2 Vol.16 No.3 Vol.16 No.4 Vol.16 No.5
Vol.17 No.1 Vol.17 No.2 Vol.17 No.3 Vol.17 No.4 Vol.17 No.5
Vol.18 No.1 Vol.18 No.2 Vol.18 No.3 Vol.18 No.4 Vol.18 No.5
Vol.19 No.1 Vol.19 No.2 Vol.19 No.3 Vol.19 No.4 Vol.19 No.5
Vol.20 No.1 Vol.20 No.2 Vol.20 No.3 Vol.20 No.4

Vol.20 No.5

Vol.21 No.1 Vol.21 No.2 Vol.21 No.3 Vol.21 No.4 Vol.21 No.5
Vol.22 No.1 Vol.22 No.2 Vol.22 No.3 Vol.22 No.4  


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Vol.8 No.5 (ps, pdf)      

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